Hyperbaric Vertical Chamber 40 inches

$6,000.00 $5,000.00


Unique Vertical Design

Capable of Housing a Chair

Room to move and stretch

Handicap Accessible

Easy Operation

Recommended for Clinics



Mild Hyperbaric Chamber Specifications:

Operational Pressure: 4.3 PSI or 1.3 ATA

46″ Widest Base Diameter

39″ Floor Base Diameter

25″ Top Diameter

63″ Height

Weight: Approx 35 lbs


2 Inflation Valves

1 Auxiliary Valves

2 Calibrated Pressure Relief Valves

1 Manual Pressure Relief Valve

1 External Gauge

1 Internal Gauge

Vibration Speaker Sound System

2 Viewing Windows: Top & Side

Dual Zipper

External Zipper Reinforcement Straps

Dual Parallel HP 80 Air Compressors

Medical Grade Connection Hose

Antibacterial Carpet Floor

Carrying Case

Telescopic External Frame

Wireless Remote Switch


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